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Welcome, Browse Abandonment, and Post-Purchase Flow Examples

AKA the foundational email trio of retention best-practices.

About These Emails:

Bambu Earth is one of the 4 brands that Common Thread Collective owns and operates under their holding company, 4x400.

These 3 flows alone are presently driving 15% of Bambu Earth’s monthly revenue. 

That’s smashing...but our goal is 30% -- we’ll let you know when we get there, and what we did to make these flows even more effective cash-printing machines. 

Until then, use these for inspo and templates for your own flows. Welcome, Browse Abandonment, and Post-Purchase flows are the must-have, foundational flows for any ecommerce brand.


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Retention Audit Checklist

This is the sexiest thing in retention-land you've seen to date.

Download it. Memorize it. Tape it on your office wall. Write a song about it. Anytime you're hitting a retention-wall, this checklist is guaranteed to come through

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Klaviyo Sequencing Swipe Files

Get access to swipe files of our exact Klaviyo setup for the above flows.

Sorry friends -- These tools are for ADmission members only.

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1. Two months on Churn Buster Pro for $50/month ($500 Value)

But wait, what's Churn Buster again?

Churn Buster is the leading eCommerce solution for recovering failed payments. It's the one retention tool every subscription eCommerce business needs. With custom retry schedules and optimized outreach campaigns, Churn Buster is proven to recover more revenue while protecting the customer experience. Churn Buster also runs Playing for Keeps, a podcast for businesses looking to get serious about retention.

2. Invite to join ADmission for $50 off your 1st month, and bypass our entire 100+ person waitlist. 

But wait, what's ADmission again?

ADmission is a monthly membership community for founders, operators, and marketers growing their online business. 

We provide our members with the skills and support they need to run paid ads profitability while scaling their ecommerce business.

2 Months at $50 ($500 Value)


With easy integration options, Churn Buster responds to failed payments with:

  • Variable length campaigns to match your unique business
  • A mix of custom, branded email templates with text-based emails
  • A seamless card update experience with no login required and real-time subscription reactivations (rather than waiting days until the next retry happens)
  • Enhanced retry scheduling for fewer emails sent, fewer cancellations, fewer support issues
  • Escalations for high-value customers, including SMS and help-desk integration
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ADmission is the skills and support you need to run paid ads profitability as you scale your ecommerce business. Membership includes:

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